Vagrant script using Puppet for Nginx web server

I’ve been learning more about puppet, so I’ve made a simple example showing how to provision a Ubuntu 14.04 Nginx web server VM using Vagrant and Puppet.

Source is here.


  • Vagrant
  • VirtualBox/VMWare (tested virtualbox only)


# Starts up VM and runs puppet to setup, downloading box if necessary
vagrant up
# On completion nginx should be running and accessible from host at


Used jfryman-nginx v0.1.1 module to puppetize nginx, added using:

puppet module install jfryman-nginx  --modulepath puppet/modules

This module does not include default index.html or config, so I added a vhost in site.pp (manifests/site.pp) and created a custom puppet module site_content (puppet/modules/site_content) which ensures /var/www exists and creates a simple index.html file.


This is a bare bones example and does not include any security or configuration best practise, so do not use in production.

Any change to the puppet files requires you to run ‘vagrant provision’ to update.